Wang Burma Cave

Wang Burma Cave

Wang Burma Cave is one of the most popular caves within the Perlis State Park. It is a haven for spelunking. The cave’s stalactites and stalagmites resemble pillars, curtains and cascades which were formed over millions of years. Enthusiasts can explore the cave at a leisurely pace, or climb, crawl and squeeze between narrow passages and muddy tunnels.

Located at the northern-most edge of Peninsula Malaysia, the state of Perlis is easily accessible via the North-South Highway, which links Kangar, the state capital of Perlis, to Kuala Lumpur. Perlis State Park is located about 42km from Kangar town and around 10km from the Malaysia-Thai border of Wang Kelian.

located at the northern-most edge of Peninsula Malaysia


Some caves such as Gua Kelam, are known for its subterranean rivers, which have been the site of tin-mining activities. International speleologists have visited Malaysia to document the cave’s history and fauna.

The journey starts with an uphill jungle-trekking guided by an experienced Forest Ranger. Along the route, tourists will learn about various medicinal and poisonous plants and trees. The journey will take approximately 40 minutes to reach the entrance of the cave.  Well-known for its streams and exotic species of insects and fungi, the cave system is divided into two main caves: Wang Burma Satu, the less challenging cave with a more scenic background.

the cave system is divided into two main caves

It has unique rock formations comprising of stalactites, stalagmites and columns. Wang Burma Dua is physically and mentally challenging with its dark hooks and turns, narrow passages and muddy tunnels –  adventurer tourists will have to crawl and squeeze their way through to reach the amazing water-worn rock formations in the inner part of the cave.

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