Top 5 stunning beaches on Tioman Island, Malaysia


Has been voted as one of the most beautiful islands in the world by TIME magazine, Tioman Island is famous for its white, golden sandy beaches, lush jungles and ancient villages.

Traveling to this island, you should take a hopping island tour to visit the surrounding islands. The best time to travel is in dry season because the rainy season often has heavy rain and strong winds. Here are top 5 the most stunning beaches in Tioman Island you should not miss.

>>Tioman Island – the most colorful and brightest place to see of Malaysia

Juara Beach

Juara is considered the most gorgeous golden sand beach in Tioman. There is a small hill and a lagoon near the beach. This is a great place to relax, soak in the sun and enjoy the wonderful scenery. You also can take an adventurous trekking trip to discover the lush jungle in here that will be a very enjoyable experience.

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Salang Beach

Salang Beach has a beautiful crescent shape with the fine white sand overlooking the bay. There are not many travelers going to the north of the beach so this is a great place to relax, escape from the crowded, bustling destinations and find the inner peace.

The south area of the Salang Beach is busier because it is an ideal diving site of many travelers. Warm and clear water makes it become one of the best places to explore the amazing marine life.

Monkey Beach

You can walk from the Salang Beach, across the highlands are to reach another stunning beach – Monkey Beach. Here is a great place to soak in the crystal clear sea water or you also can take the diving classes. There are many resorts nearby if you want to stay overnight on the beach.

Monkey Beach (via The Roxborogh Report)

Genting Beach

Genting Beach is another option to choose from the list of the most marvelous beaches on the Tioman Island. The smooth white sand surrounded by green hills and granite creates a unique charm for the beach. Along the coastline are a variety of restaurants, duty-free shops and charming bungalows. At the end of the road is Paya village – an ancient village in the Tioman Island you should visit. The trails on the forest nearby are also the great place for those who love adventure and explore wildlife in here.

Berjaya Beach

Berjaya Beach is also the beautiful beach on the Tioman Island should not be missed. The famous resort Berjaya Tioman Beach is located in here which offers the accommodations overlooking the stunning beach. The resort is surrounded by the tropical forest and features a golf course serving guest’s entertainment needs.

Berjaya Beach (via

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Nightlife on the Tioman Island

The most popular area travelers often choosing to stay is hotels and bungalows on the West Coast because it is very easy to move around and travel. Tekek is the commercial and transportation center of Tioman; this town has two piers and several duty free shops.

Ari’s Café is a famous reggae bar located on the mountainside while Air Batang is a popular tourist destination of many backpackers – a not too crowded but very pristine beach. Sunset Corner located near Nazri’s Place on the southern edge of this beach is an ideal site to see sunset while drinking wine and relax.

Tioman Island at night (via Audley Travel)


Tioman is one of the largest and the most stunning destinations in Malaysia. However, shopping on the island is not a trouble because local people are friendly and helpful. Tekek is main shopping site in here but there are not many shopping options for you choose, just several shops selling cigarettes, chocolates, wine and some fashion and souvenirs shops. The traditional village of Kampung Paya has a small duty free shop but the price is very expensive because of the transportation fee from the mainland to the island. Therefore, you should bring food as much as possible form the mainland if you want to save money.

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