Ipoh – a new tourist destination in Malaysia


Located about 20km from Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh is not only known as one of the most populous cities but also an attractive destination in Malaysia. With a harmonious combination between ancient and modern beauty, Ipoh will bring tourists many interested experiences and things to do.

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Ipoh has long been known as the capital of Perak province. It also is one of the most renowned tourist cities of Malaysia with outstanding cultural features, unique architectural buildings, attractive landscapes and wonderful cuisine. The following are some destinations that you should not miss when visiting Ipoh:

“Golden Triangle” – 3 attractions in the center of Ipoh

Ipoh Railway Station

Three attractions we want to introduce to you are Ipoh Railway Station, Town Hall and Law Courts.

Ipoh Railway Station: This often is the first place you see when you arrive Ipoh. Ipoh railway station was initially meant to be a hospital and used before the 20th century as such before being turned into a station. It was completed in 1917 under the British colonial administration. Along with Old Railway Station in Kuala Lumpur, it is one of the most beautiful buildings of colonial architecture.

Town Hall: Ipoh Town Hall is another destination where you can enjoy the beauty of colonial-style architecture. It also is an appropriate place for you to take nice photos.

Law Courts: just 5 minutes walk from the Town Hall, this white neoclassical building is a beautiful landmark and famous for Birch Memorial Clock Tower.

Kong Heng Street

Kong Heng Street

This Ipoh Old Town definitely is must-visit destination in your itinerary. If you want to look for an ancient and peaceful place, Kong Heng Street is great place for you with a lot of Malaysian-style coffee shops and restaurants. Sekeping Kong Heng is the most bustling area in the heart of this old town. In here, you can enjoy the famous snow ice cream at Bits & Bobs, buy handicrafts and jewelry at Ipog Crafnerds or drink coffee in the impressive space of Roquette.

Concubine historical lane

The lane is home of many Chinese people so that visitors can learn about Chinese cuisine as well as culture right in Malaysia. Concubine lane attracts tourists by ancient architecture buildings and Chinese delicious foods. Also called “Lorong Panglima”, this lane is one of the oldest roads in Malaysia with a lot of eye-catching shops, restaurants and souvenir shops. If you want to take beautiful photos, Concubine will be the best choice.

Concubine Lane

Ipoh Wall Art Murals

Painted by Ernest Zacharevic, mural paintings bring a different beauty to Ipoh. The murals are painted on the walls of old buildings with several themes such as heritage, culture, scenery and others renowned by foreign and local artists. Some famous murals of Ipoh:

– Old man drinking coffee: The first mural shows a portrait of an old man drinking coffee. White coffee is quite famous in Malaysia and you cannot miss that whilst visiting Malaysia. The mural located near Old Town White Coffee eatery.

– Humming Bird: The third mural depicts a hummingbird hovering in search of food from the nearby tree.

– History of Tin Mining: This shows Ipoh’s evolution from a tin-mining town in the past. The drawing depicts a scene of an old-fashioned tin-mine and the ways it was done. Elephants were used for carrying goods and tin were exported to different parts of the world by sea.

Old man drinking coffee

– Girl Tip Toeing: The mural illustrates a girl tiptoeing on a classic red plastic chair and some books on top of it trying to reach out to a cage of birds. The painting has been blended perfectly with other objects like chair and cage.

– Laid Back Locals: There are other murals painted by various another artists which depicts the laid back lifestyle of locals residing in Ipoh.

– Chasing boy: This one is definitely the funniest one of all. Hidden in alleys of a cafe with walls covered with creepers, colourful locks and post boxes of the bygone era.

Coffee culture in Ipoh

Ipoh has long been famous for the art of drinking coffee. Kopi Putih – an unique white coffee is made special recipe that can make visitor impressed right at the first time they drinking. Guests can enjoy a cup of Kopi Putih at Lim Ko Pi which is located in an old building.

Kopi Putih in Ipoh

Visiting Ipoh’s Temples

Ipoh is home of centuries-old religious temples. The most famous destination probably is Sam Poh Tong cave which was inhabited by monks in the 1890s. Today, it becomes a complex of temples. A spiritual place of Ipoh people.

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