8 ideal destination to “virtual living” in Kuala Lumpur

8 ideal destination to “virtual living” in Kuala Lumpur - via Yourholidayhomes

With breathtaking landscapes, impressive modern buildings, ancient temples and friendly local people, Kuala Lumpur attracts a large number of tourists coming to visit each year. If you are planning to travel Malaysia, do not forget to bring a camera or smartphone to capture the wonderful moments with friends, family or lover. In this post, we will introduce to you the list of top 8 best spots for “virtual living” in this city.

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Petronas Twin Towers

Petronas Twin Towers (via Fakrul Jamil Photography)
Petronas Twin Towers (via Fakrul Jamil Photography)

The most famous place to take the nice photos in Kuala Lumpur has to be mentioned here is the 88-storey Petronas Twin Towers. The spacious KLCC Part or beautiful fountains at the foot of tower are also the great place for visitors to take pictures. You also can take photos at the park to get the full image of twin towers behind or on 86th floor – Sky Bridge to see panoramic view of the city from above.

Menara KL Tower

Situated in the heart of the city, on the top of the Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve, the 421m-high Menara Tower is an ideal place to see the amazing view of Kuala Lumpur City from above. It will be a big mistake if you miss the destination. The best time to take nice photo is at sunset, especially viewing from Heli Lounge Bar, also located in Menara KL.

Entrance gate of Chinatown in Petaling Street

Entrance gate of Chinatown in Petaling Street (via David Beifeld Photography)
Entrance gate of Chinatown in Petaling Street (via David Beifeld Photography)

Chinatown is the area featuring the typical characteristics of Chinese culture. You can easily recognize this through the entrance gate which is painted in red and decorated with Chinese lanterns. This is a famous shopping spot in Kuala Lumpur, especially at night with hundreds of stalls selling clothes, souvenirs, food,… at very cheap prices.

Pavilion Water Fountain

Pavilion Shopping Center is located in the bustling Bukit Bintang, a luxury shopping district Kuala Lumpur. Built of white marble, the shopping center looks like an ancient Greek temple with modern pillars. It also is home to more than 450 famous international brands such as Coach, Michael Kors, Gucci,…

Pavilion Water Fountain (via Kuala Lumpur)
Pavilion Water Fountain (via Kuala Lumpur)

At the main entrance of Pavilion KL is Lyuli Crystal fountain – the tallest fountain in Malaysia as well as one of the most popular photo shoot locations in the city. From 21:00 to 23:00, fountains will be extremely beautiful with colorful neon lights.

Sultan Abdul Samad Building

Sultan Abdul Samad Building in Dataran Merdeka is one of the city’s most important tourist and historical attractions in Kuala Lumpur. As one of the oldest Moorish-style buildings of the city, it is located in front of Independence Square (Dataran Merdeka) and Royal Selangor Club. Built entirely of brick, the building is a harmonious combination of gothic, Western and Moorish style, with beautiful domes and a 41.2m-high clock tower.

Little India, Brickfields

Little India, Brickfields (via JomJalan.com)
Little India, Brickfields (via JomJalan.com)

Only about 10 minute walk from KL Sentral Station, this is a bustling street decorated beautifully with colorful paintings, impressive gates and Indian pop music from the shops on the streets. Besides taking photos, visitors can find typical goods of Indian when traveling here such as Saris (traditional dress), decorative flowers, spices and Bollywood movie soundtracks.

The Monorail

Monorail service is the most popular public mean of transport in Malaysia. They are often decorated with bright colors, some even look like buses in London. Kuala Lumpur’s monorail connects the KL Sentral to the bustling Golden Triangle area, with a total of 11 stops.

“I Love KL” logo at KL City Gallery

“I Love KL” logo at KL City Gallery (via Twitter)
“I Love KL” logo at KL City Gallery (via Twitter)

Located right next to Merdeka Square, it is a tourist information center where displays pictures and images of Kuala Lumpur’s history as well as the city’s famous attractions.

Situated in a 114-year-old colonial-style building, this free museum is great place to learn about Kuala Lumpur’s history. The most popular place to take photos at KL City Gallery is the 4 meter high sculpture “I Love KL” right next to the entrance – one of the symbols of the city.

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