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Langkawi is an archipelago located in northwestern of Malaysia which is a part of the state of Kedah bordering Thailand. Langkawi, also known as Eagle Island, consists of 99 islands famous for its beautiful beaches and scenery. This is also a home of many eagles inhabiting so if you have chance to visit this island, you can watch and feed the eagles. Because Langkawi is located in the duty free area, it is a popular tourist destination of many visitors. Two most crowded areas in Langkawi are Kuah Town Center and Pantai Cenang Beach where the pier and the airport are located.

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Best time to visit and transportation

Langkawi is an archipelago located in northwestern of Malaysia (via Blog du lịch)

Langkawi’s weather has two distinct seasons: rainy season and dry season. The rainy season lasts from June to November with sudden but not last long rains so you can go there at any time of the year.

About transportation, taxis are the most convenient and economical mean of transportation if you travel in groups in Langkawi. Renting a self-driving car is also quite simple, you just have to pay deposit and show driver’s license. One thing you should take note that traffic in Malaysia drives on the left side if the road, unlike some other countries in the region.

Another option you can choose is hiring a motorcycle, costing about 15 – 30RM per day at your hotel or any store along Pantai Cenang.

Stay on Langhawi Island

Resort on Langkawi Islands (via Saltwater Dreaming)

For those who want to combine travel with shopping, Kuah is the best ideal with a lot of stores and supermarkets. The resorts here feature a variety of accommodation with average price of 200RM per night; some utility services such as swimming pool, spa and honeymoon rooms are also offered.

However, most of travelers coming to Langkawi often choose to stop at Cenang Beach. With more than 10km of stunning coastline, Cenang will definitely satisfy even the most demanding visitors. In addition to many luxury hotels with high standard services, Cenang Beach also offers a variety of sport activities like windsurfing, boat racing or scuba diving. The restaurants are located close together on the road parallel to the coastline, interspersed with fashion shops and stores selling sport equipment.

Fascinating things to do and see

Langkawi Sky Bridge

Langkawi Sky Bridge (via NY Daily News)

Taking the cable car to the second highest mountain on the island, you will be enjoyed the breathtaking scenery of Langkawi while walking on the Langkawi Sky Bridge. Located at an altitude of 700m above sea level, the bridge is also an ideal and romantic dating site for couples on the island.

Eco parks

Langkawi has been recognized by UNESCO as a member of World Geopark so the stunning eco parks and sanctuaries are must-visit attraction in here.

Kilim Karst Geoforest Park: walking along the wooden bridge over the mangrove swamp, you will have opportunity to admire the natural beauty of Boak forest, naughty monkeys and unique limestone formations. At the end of the road is a large bat cave and if you prefer, you also can take a boat to discover the forest reserve and learn more about the ecosystem in here, including both medicinal plants and migratory birds.

Kilim Karst Geoforest Park (via Naturally Langkawi)

Pulau Payar Marine Park: located in western Malaysia which famous for its rich and wonderful marine ecosystem. It also features the beautiful white beaches that very ideal for camping or picnic or the trails for those who want to stroll to explore the island.

Underwater World Langkawi: You also can go there to discover many interesting things of the sea. The Underwater World Langkawi was built to raise awareness of people about the importance of preserving aquatic life on the island. There are also a modern 3D cinema, a coffee shop and an educational center in here.

Galleria Gallery

The fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mahathir Mohamad, has built an artistic handicraft center named Galeria Perdana which sells more than 2,500 items to help the island’s residents develop their craft and increase income. Don’t forget to visit this center to buy some handicrafts to bring back for friends and family.

Galleria Gallery (via Langkawi Travelog – blogger)

Stunning beaches

Pantai Cenang: the most attractive beach in Langkawi with blue jade water, smooth white sand and green palm trees. Especially in the sunset, the streets in here are very bustling with lots of food stalls, budget restaurants and lively bars.

Pantai Kok: most of beaches in Pantai Kok belong to the luxury resorts such as Sheraton or Tanjung Sanctuary. You can freely relax on the beaches under the sun or take a boat trip to explore the limestone hills and tropical jungles.

Pantai Tengah: is a peaceful beach with lovely bungalows on the sea. Visitors can enjoy massage service at their hotel or visit the surrounding small islands.

Pantai Cenang Beach (via Langkawi)

Tangjung Rhu: Covered by dense jungle, it is so quiet, separate with the world outside so Tangjung Rhu is the best place for those who want to enjoy a peaceful holiday while traveling Malaysia.

Datai Bay: is the exclusive beach of Datai Bay Resort. Besides swimming, travelers can visit the Ibrahim Hussein Museum and Langkawi Crocodile Farm.

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