Things you should know to have safe and enjoyable holiday in Malaysia


Not as crowded with a lot of entertainment places as Thailand, not as attractive by modern beauty as Singapore, Malaysia features both ancient and modern beauty that attracts many travelers all over the world. With gorgeous natural landscapes, joyful people, Malaysia will definitely give tourists a really exciting and memorable trip. If this is the first time you visit Malaysia, keep reading these tips in order to have a safe and perfect holiday in this charming country.

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Do not go alone

Safety first! You should never explore the city alone. Let’s go in group or invite some experienced friends going out with you.

Be careful with taxis in Malaysia

Taxis in Malaysia (via The Coverage)

Most of taxi drivers in Malaysia said that their car has the meter but many people “deliberately forget” to switch on and as a result, you will have to pay more money than usual to them. According to travel statistics, Kuala Lumpur is one of the cities having the most expensive taxi cost in the world. Therefore, if you do not want to pay a lot of money and be fooled, you should choose public transport or book taxi through trusted websites.

Convert currencies in public

Never convert much money in public or withdraw the large sums money at ATMs. If you need a lot of money, the best way is going to the bank and if you travel on the Malaysia – Singapore route, you should convert your currency in Singapore instead of Malaysia.

Malaysia ringgit (via EyeEm)

SIM card in Malaysia

There are many mobile operators in Malaysia but we recommend you using DIGI which offers the best 3G and calling rates. You can walk out to KL Central to buy SIM DIGI EASY PREPAID 8.5 RM and ask shop owner to activate SIM and set up APN with its name is DIGI and APN is diginet.

Customs regulations

Each person entering Malaysia can carry 200 cigarettes. Some items brought to Malaysia are exempted from import tax such as carpet, clothes, jewelries and gems. Do not carry drugs, narcotic substances and depraved cultural products.

Kuala Lumpur International Airport (via Thousand Wonders)

Exchange currency before going to Malaysia

Malaysia only uses RM so before traveling Malaysia, you should exchange your currency. The rate will be better if you exchange at the airports, banks or shopping centers.


Malaysia offers a variety of shopping options, whether you are looking for cheap, fake, or expensive items, there will be a chance for you to find something. The most famous shopping city in Malaysia must be referred is Kuala Lumpur where features a lot of shopping malls with international and local brands lined up from top to bottom. In case of you want to find a cheap place, locals markets and road side stalls would be interesting. An useful tip for you if you want to save money is that you should walk around to find the stall offering the best price first because there are maybe many shops sell products that are, on average, cheaper than the others.

Shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur (via


Most of Malaysians are of Chinese or Indian descent, so the main ingredients of food in here are curry powder, vegetables and meat. Malaysian food is usually greasy, spicy and sweet. At some restaurants in Malaysia, smoking and drinking alcohol are prohibited so you should ask the owners carefully to avoid paying fines.

Time to visit

You can visit Malaysia at any time of the year but if you would like to combine travel with shopping, December is the best time. This is the time when many famous fashion brands in Malaysia offering promotion programs, discount rate can up to 80%. Moreover, this is also the Christmas season so if you have the opportunity to visit Malaysia, you will feel a bustling, crowded, busy atmosphere that cannot find in nowhere else.

Best time to visit Malaysia is in December (via Crossing Travel)


The majority of Malaysians are Muslims. When visiting the mosques, remember to take your shoes off. Malaysians often greet each other by touch the palm of the other and then put their hands together. Use right hand to eating, taking or receiving things because they think the left hand is dirty.

To read more travel tips and tourism in Malaysia, please visit our website. Hope that with all information we provided above, you will have a safe and enjoyable trip in Malaysia. Thank you!