Reasons why Penang Old Town should be listed on your bucket list


With George Town Heritage, unique wall paintings and rich cuisine, Penang becomes an ideal place to visit of many travelers. Here are 10 reasons why you should visit Penang right now.

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Penang Street Art

The ancient town of Georgetown is famous for its 3D paintings on the old wall pieces. Many artists have been invited to create pieces upon the crumbling walls of heritage buildings. Highlights include many works by Ernest Zacharevic and Julia Volchkova. The well-known paintings can be mentioned here are “Little children on a bike”, “Little boy on a motorcycle”, “Little boy with Pet Dinosaur”, “The Awaiting Trishaw Paddler”.

Penang Street Art (via Perspective of Penang –

Pinang Peranakan Old House

Penang has been a British colony so it still preserves many valuable architecture heritages, in which the most prominent is Pinang Peranakan Old House. The house previously was Hai Kee Chan, designed in Chinese-style with a square courtyard with houses on four sides and a well hole in the middle.

Khoo Kongsi

Built about 650 years ago, the Khoo Kongsi was one of the five great families of the ancient Fujian community. Now it is the most luxury clanhouse in the island. To get Khoo Kongsi, you have to go to a small valley between two ancient houses from 19th century, pass a theater and then reach the large granite paved courtyard. Right the moment you see the Khoo Kongsi House, you will definitely be overwhelmed by its magnificent beauty. The house was built on the high ground with steps leading up and pillars supporting the roof tile. The carved bas-reliefs depict the daily life of ancient people.

Khoo Kongsi Clanhouse (via Sydneysiding KLite – blogger)

Kek Lok Si Pagoda

Kek Lok Si, about 35-minute drive from George Town, is the largest Buddhist temple in Penang as well as Southeast Asia. The pagoda is located on the top of hill, facing the sea and is home to a lot of Buddha statues, 30-meter bronze Buddha statue, great shrine, flower garden, statues of 12 animal designations, etc.

Four religious works located on one path

Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling Road is the only place in the world that 4 famous spiritual sites are located: St. George’s Church, Kuan-Yin-Teng (Godness of Mercy Temple), Chinese Temple and Masjid Kapitan Keling.

The St George’s Cathedral was built in 1817 in a classic English style. The church is prominent with curved roofs, red lanterns, painted red walls. Sri Mahan Marianmman Temple features colorful decorations on the top of the temple. The 18th-century Kapitan Keling, painted white, features an onion-shaped dome with a crescent moon and star on top.

St. George’s Church ịn Penang (via Penang)

Floating villages from the 19th century

The Clay Jetty and Chew Jetty floating village was built in the 19th century by migrants from Fujian (China), and was once the busiest commercial port in Malaysia at that time. Coming here, you can walk on wooden bridges, go to the village to see the daily life of local people, buy souvenirs or taste specialties of the island.

Cheap and delicious dishes

Penang is really a paradise for those who love food with a lot of exotic dishes coming from Malay, China and India. The Nyonya dish is considered as the Malaysia’s national essence. In addition, Char Kway Teow and Assam Laksa are also must-try food when traveling to Penang.

Delicious dishes in Penang (via Alvinology)

Snake Temple

The temple is about 2km from Penang Airport. The temple was built in 1850 and was dedicated to the Buddhist priest Choo Sor Kong. Legend says that it was the home of a religious man who gave the snakes shelter and they remained there after his death. Today pit vipers are to be found draped on altars, vases & tables. Visit the snake farm in Penang Snake Temple. Enjoy the snakes and reptiles exhibition, such as 23ft python snake, Albino cobra, King cobra, Anaconda as well as snake show!

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