Popular traditional food for the New Year of Malaysian

Popular traditional food for the New Year of Malaysian
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One thing that every tourist expects to try during their trip is enjoying all specialties of the place where they are going to. So if you choose to travel Malaysia on the occasion of New Year, you will have the opportunity to not only taste their delicious traditional food but also experience the unique culture of Malaysian. In this post, we will introduce to you some of popular dishes that Malaysians often eat on the New Year Holiday. Let’s look at!

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Yu Sheng – the dish brings luck and prosperity

Yu Sheng (via blogger) Yu Sheng (via blogger)

The most famous and popular dish of Malaysian on the New Year is Yu Sheng, a dish believed to bring good luck and fortune for the new year. The dish is an Asian-style salad which has the main ingredients of raw fish and shredded vegetables and a variety of sauce, condiments,… The special thing is that before eating, you have to toss all the ingredients because Malaysians believe that the higher you toss, the more luck you're believed to bring in.

Otak Otak

Otak Otak (via YouTube) Otak Otak (via YouTube)

Otak Otak is featured with impressive aroma and spices that gradually becomes an unforgettable dish of many travelers during their trip in Malaysia. This dish is quite popular so although you do not travel Malaysia on New Year, you also can easily find this dish on the streets, restaurants or even a family meal of the Malaysian people. What makes Otak Otak famous is the simplicity of the process but the taste is absolutely amazing.

The way to enjoy Otak Otak also makes many people feel interested in. Open a green banana leaf wrapped, you will see each eye-catching Otak Otak piece that has a little bit fatty taste of coconut milk, fresh fish, the aroma of turmeric, ginger and spicy taste of chili creating an unforgettable taste.

Satay Grilled Meat - Malaysia's best-selling street food

Satay Grilled Meat (via YouTube) Satay Grilled Meat (via YouTube)

Not only known as the traditional dish on the New Year Festival of Malaysian, the famous Satay Grilled Meat is also one of the best-selling street foods in Malaysia. Satay is strips of skewered, grilled meat eaten with Kuah, a fragrant dipping sauce creating a very attractive dish.

Rendang Beef

With the fatty taste of coconut water mixed beef and hot spicy, Rendang Beef will be the secret to "warm up" the family atmosphere on the New Year Festival. Rendang refers to a kind of dry curry, a delicacy that often appears in Malaysian parties. The dish is usually served with rice or rice wrapped in bamboo leaves and grilled on a charcoal stove.


Ketupat (via Study in Malaysia - WordPress.com) Ketupat (via Study in Malaysia - WordPress.com)

Ketupat is a popular dish of every people despite of the rich or poor so that is why it is listed the top most famous dishes for the New Year. However, the poor often eat cheap Ketupat sold on the streets with grilled meat skewers while the rich eat the Ketupat made of more expensive rice with a lot of other dishes.

Ketupat is cooked in different ways depending on the types of rice, however, the two most common types are ketupat nasi and ketupat pulut. Ketupat nasi is made of ordinary rice and is covered in coconut leaves forming a square while ketupat pulut is made from sticky rice and is usually wrapped in a triangle by licuala palm leaf. Ketupat is often eaten at noon, served with rendang or satay.

Nasi lemak

Nasi lemak (via Says) Nasi lemak (via Says)

Nasi lemak is a must-try dish while traveling Malaysia. This is a popular and favorite food of Malaysian. Nasi lemak can be cooked in different ways, but the basic ingredient of the dish is rice cooked with coconut milk and sambal chilli sauce. This dish can also be served with boiled eggs, Malaysian curry, fried eggs and sambal sotong.

Ikan bakar

Ikan bakar (via Du lịch Malaysia) Ikan bakar (via Du lịch Malaysia)

In Malaysian, "Ikan" means fish and "bakar" is grilled fish so Ikan bakar is a spicy grilled fish dish of Malaysia people. Fresh fish is marinated with a lot of chili sauce, lined with a layer of banana leaves and baked on charcoal. It is served with rice, sometimes with vegetables and curry and soy sauce.

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