Popular items tourists often buy to take back while traveling Malaysia

Popular items tourists often buy to take back while traveling Malaysia
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With a variety of goods and promotions, Malaysia really is a shopping paradise for shopaholics. Here are some items that travelers should buy if you have the chance to visit this country.

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Electronic items

If you go to Malaysia at the right time when the shops offering discount programs and with a little bit lucky, you can buy many electronic products like digital cameras, cell phones, laptops, etc. with at half the price compared to similar products in Singapore or your country but the quality is still good. A small tip for you if you want to buy electronic goods in Malaysia is that you should choose the products of the brands offering warranty service around the global.

Electronic items (via Financial Tribune) Electronic items (via Financial Tribune)

Children clothes

Clothes for children in Malaysia are quite cheap, high-quality and beautifully design. You can easily buy children clothes at the large shopping center or even at the market. Most of Malaysian shop owners are friendly so you can freely to look and buy your favorite items.

Leather wallets

Leather wallet is also an ideal item to buy as gift for your family. On the big sale occasions like in the end of the year or Christmas, if you go to the right place, you will be able to find the leather wallets of the famous brands such as Marc by Marc Jacobs or Prada with a cheaper price than normal.

Leather wallets (via Best Slim Wallet) Leather wallets (via Best Slim Wallet)


Souvenirs in Malaysia are very rich and varied. You can buy small and lovely items such as twin towers models, key chains, necklaces or bracelets which are decorated by Malaysia’s symbols with the price about 2 – 5 USD. Kompleks Kraf in Jalan Conlay is one of the most famous addresses if you want to buy souvenirs in Malaysia.


Ties are sold at everywhere with variety of colors and materials. You can buy the beautiful ties of the well-known brands like Robert Tabott, Thomas Pink to lesser-known brands and other popular products.

Ties (via Etsy) Ties (via Etsy)


Batik silk is one of the most prominent traditional handicrafts in Malaysia. The silk is only printed flowers by beeswax. The price for a Batik silk ranges from 20 – 40 USD.


Most of people in Malaysia are Malaysian Chinese so you can easily see the Chinese streets and their products selling in this country. You can buy the herbals to treat simple diseases like aching joints,… or herbals used for cooking.

Teh Tarik Tea

Teh Tarik tea is a well-known specialty in Malaysia. This type of traditional drink is widely sold in every street. A pack of Teh Tarik Tea costs about 15 USD.

Teh Tarik Tea (via Salacca) Teh Tarik Tea (via Salacca)

Durian chocolate

Although durian is not your favorite food, durian chocolate still is a great gift for your friends and relatives after a trip to Malaysia. Durian and other food made of durian are Malaysian specialties that most of travelers love.

White coffee

Malaysian white coffee is not only a delicious drink but also a long-standing tradition of the people in here. Coming to this beautiful country, you can easily catch the image of local people enjoying a cup of coffee while reading newspapers, chatting at anywhere you go. Therefore, the Malaysian white coffee is an indispensable gift before leaving this friendly country. Malaysian coffee is roasted with margarine so it is very unique and delicious. You can buy white coffee of famous brands such as Oldtown, Aik Cheong, Ah Huat ... with price about 12 -15 USD/15 packs.

White coffee (via EnglishTaobao.net) White coffee (via EnglishTaobao.net)

Items made of tin

Tin product is also a souvenir you should not miss when traveling to Malaysia. You can buy the items made of tin at shopping centers, souvenir shops, handicraft shops or local markets,… Royal Selangor is the world’s largest tin producer in Kuala Lumpur. They offer the price higher than the others but quality is guaranteed and the design is varied.

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