George Town – a famous food paradise in Malaysia


George Town is famous for its attractive sights and fascinating food. There are so many hawker stalls and culinary centers in this city, therefore, people often say that if you go to George Town without eating local food, it will look like you go to France without visiting the Louvre Museum in Paris. Street vendors in George Town don’t operate for a certain time or place so sometimes you will not able to find them. You should avoid Mondays and Thursdays because they often don’t serve food at that time. A dish costs about 3RM to 10RM.

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Lorong Baru

Lorong Baru (via Backpacking –
  • Address: New Lane, intersection between Macalister and Lg Bam.
  • Service Time: Evening

If you ask locals about their favorite street vendors, a popular answer will be Lorong Baru. It is famous not because of several special stalls but all; all dishes in here are very delicious and tasty. You can try eating Chinese noodle or char koay kak, fried spicy rice crackers served with seafood and otak otak (a type of steamed fish curry). Lorong Baru is located at the intersection of Lg Baru and Macalister, approximately 250m from northwest Penang Road.

Gurney Drive

  • Location: Persiaran Gurney
  • Serving time: evening
The most stunning dish in Gurney Drive you should try is laksa noodles (via SBS)

This is the most famous dining area of Penang located between the modern high rise buildings. Gurney Drive features the “luxury” street stalls so the food’s price in here is a bit more expensive than other places. However, once you came here, you can find all the dishes, from Malay to the Western. The most stunning dish is laksa noodles (you should try it at 11th stall). And if you want to eat rojak dishes (vegetable salad mixed with chili sauce, black shrimp powder and roasted peanuts), let’s go to Ah Chye. Gurney Drive is located about 3km from George Town, near Gurney Plaza. Round-trip taxis cost around 15RM.

Esplanade Culinary Center

  • Address: Tun Syed Sheh Barakbah
  • Opening time: Evening

Visiting George Town, you cannot miss this coastal culinary center. The Esplanade is nestled in the heart of the Colonial District of George Town. It is divided into two areas, one side called “Islamic area” serving halal Malay food, and another called “Cina” offering Chinese and Malay specialties, including amazing rojak at Rojak Ho Wei Jeng. The Esplanade is usually not crowded on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Esplanade Culinary Center (via The Straits Times)

Padang Brown

  • Location: Pantai Road
  • Serving time: Noon and evening (from Friday to Wednesday next week)

This is a good place to taste spring rolls, won ton mee (noodles served with pork dumplings or grilled pork) and bubur caca (coconut milk and banana porridge). In the afternoon, you should try yon tau foo – a kind of Chinese soup made of fish bubbles, lettuce, squid, etc. Padang Brown is 1.5km from the center of George Town, at the end of Dato Keramat Road.

Lorong Selamat

  • Address: intersection of Macalister and Lg Selamat
  • Opening time: Saturdays and Thursdays night

At the end of Lg Selemat Road, you will find the famous Char kwway teow dish – noodle, fried mussel and eggs with chili, eaten with black bean sauce. You also can try Won ton mee, Chinese dishes or other Malaysia dish.

Char kwway teow at Lorong Selamat (via Miss Tam Chiak)

New World Park Culinery Center

  • Address: Lg Swatow
  • Service time: 11:00 – 19:00

Each stall in here serves different food. The dish worth a try most is ais kacang – grinded ice with syrup, jelly, beans and sometimes corn on top. There are also some fast-food restaurants offering Nonya and Indian dishes.

Red Garden and night market

  • Address: Lebuh Leith
  • Opening time: noon and evening

Convenient location in the heart of Chinatown, this place offers a wide selection of stunning dishes, most of them are local specialties. This is a best choice for family looking for something easy to eat for picky eaters.

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