Delicious snacks you should try in Kuala Lumpur


Kuala Lumpur – the capital of Malaysia is always one of the tourist destinations that bring a lot enjoyable experiences for visitors in Southeast Asia. This city not only has many magnificent works, wonderful landscapes, famous commercial centers but also an excellent cuisine. Let’s find out the most delicious street foods that cannot be missed in Kuala Lumpur.

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Coconut milk & ice-cream

Summer is one of the most suitable time to visit Kuala Lumpur and also the best time to enjoy coconut milk & ice-cream – a famous street food you must try in the capital. It is very different from coconut milk cream in Thailand or Vietnam. It is a perfect combination of fresh coconut milk, ice cream, grinded ice and vanilla ice cream. You can both eat ice cream and drink coconut milk that helps you through away all tiredness in the summer.

Coconut milk & ice cream


If Korea is famous for Patbinsu, Vietnam for its many kinds of sweet soup, Malaysia is also well-known for cendol – a favorite dessert of visitors. Traditional cendol dish is made from shaved ice, red beans, pineapple cakes, peanuts, durian and jiggery. Today, there are many versions of cendol to meet the demands of diners, shaved ice can be replaced by ice cream and some other ingredients are changed.

Air Mata Kucing

Air Mata Kucing is one of the most popular refreshing drinks in Kuala Lumpur especially in the summer. This delicious drink is made from arhat fruit, dried longan, fresh apple, zucchini and sugar which are very good for your health and skin.

Air Mata Kucing

Nyonya kuih

Nyonya kuih is one of the favorite snacks of many tourists while traveling Kuala Lumpur. It looks quite similar to Vietnam’s nine-layer cake but the main ingredients of this cake are cassava, coconut milk, sugar, pineapple leaves and natural food coloring; therefore, it is very soft, fragrant and eye-catching.

Putu piring cake – Malaysian’s traditional cake

Putu piring is a kind of steamed cake having flattened circle shape made by rice flour, filled with palm sugar or jiggery and covered with coconut. Malaysian people usually eat Putu piring in the morning or afternoon as a dessert. This popular cake is also an indispensible vegetarian food during Ramadan of Malaysians.

Putu piring cake

Durian Cream Cake

Durian cream cake is one of the most popular street foods in Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia. The typical taste and smell of the durian cream cake will certainly make you remember forever.

Satay grilled skewers

You should not miss to taste Satay grilled skewers while discovering nightlife in Kuala Lumpur. It really only are marinated meat and grilled but what makes it special is the sauce and other vegetables served with that create a typical flavor for this dish.

Nasi Lamak

Nasi Lamak

Any visitors travel to Malaysia cannot ignore tasting Nasi Lamak because of its deliciousness. Rice is cooked with coconut milk and then served with roasted peanuts, fried eggs, sweet and sour fried fish and sometimes chicken or beef,… depending on your taste. To enjoy Nasi Lemak, Malaysian people often eat by hand instead of using chopsticks or spoon.

Wantan Mee

Wantan Mee is a unique and popular noodle dish of the Chinese community living in Kuala Lumpur. This is made by dry noodles mixed with tasty sauce, pork, salami. It is very delicious so not only local people but also foreign tourists love to eat.

Kuala Lumpur is considered as a culinary paradise so if you travel to Malaysia, you should not miss enjoying street foods in here. You can visit our website to get more about Malaysia travel guides and tourism. For questions or suggestions, please feel free to let us know in the comments section and we’ll do our best to reply to them as soon as possible. You can also share this article if you like it!