Top 10 fascinating activities you should try in Malacca

Top 10 fascinating activities you should try in Malacca
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Malacca is an ideal place for those who want to escape from daily busy life. From Kuala Lumpur - the capital of Malaysia, it takes more than 2 hours to reach Malacca by bus. This city is very small so you can explore within a day, but you should stay overnight to feel all the peace and beauty of this ancient city. You can book a hotel in the city center, then go around and explore Malacca by yourself. Let’s discover with us top 10 most fascinating things to do you must try in this city.

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Strolling at Jonker Walk

It is so interesting to take a walk on Jonker Walk and feel the peaceful atmosphere with ancient houses which were built hundred years ago. There are also many souvenir shops in here. After shopping, let’s enjoy a cup of coffee in the small shops and feel the peace of life.

Jonker Walk at night (via Two Travelaholics)

Visiting Chengho Museum

The museum was built in an old house on Jonker Walk. You will feel like you are living in a very ancient space with the Chinese-style garden houses. If you love to history, you may find it’s very interesting to hear about the history of Malacca during the Cheng Ho period. Cheng Ho was a Chinese official who discovered this land and known as “Christopher Columbus” in Asia.

Modeling in Dutch Square

The Dutch square is prominent with its dark pink color and ancient churches, surrounded by colorful flowers. There are many painters at this square and spend only 15 minutes to sit as a model, you will get your own portrait painting.

Getting around by tricycle

Tricycle in Melacca (via Accor Hotels)

If you do not like to walk, you can hire a colorful and eye-catching decorated tricycle which is the typical mean of transportation in Malacca.

Visiting the old church on St. Paul Hill

Even though the church was burned down the roof, it became a historical witness of Malacca during the British invasion period. Come to here, travelers often like to walk on small roads which lead to the St. Paul Hill to see the panoramic view of the city.

Taking a boat trip on Malacca River

This is the most exciting thing to do in the Malaysia’s old city. The beautiful Malacca River divides the city into two parts with the small floating wooden houses.

Visiting the city by boat, you will be immersed in the wonderful scenery on the river’s sides with paper flowers, hibiscus flowers and ancient houses. The best time to take a boat trip on Malacca River is at the sunset, you will deeply feel the peaceful beauty of this city.

Melacca River Boat Trip (via

A 'Famosa Fort

Built by the Portuguese, the A ‘Famosa fort is a symbol of Malacca. It was destroyed, only fortress walls left. It is one of the oldest surviving remnants of European architecture in Asia.

Visiting Maritime Museum

Malacca is a city of museums, a lot of them have the architecture very impressive. The Maritime Museum was built simulated a giant sailing ship called Flora de la Mar. The museum is located on the edge of the Malacca River, displaying artifacts related to maritime history.

Tasting Malaysian cuisine at night market

Tasting Malaysian cuisine at night markets (via Travel Foodie - blogger)

With a small area, it is very easy to take a walking tour around the city even without a map because local people are very helpful and always ready to guide you in English or Chinese.

Unlike a vibrant Kuala Lumpur, Malacca city is very peaceful with lots of trees and melodious music from street performances. If you come to this city in the weekend, you have the opportunity to walk the night market, enjoy the amazing street foods and buy lovely, cheap souvenirs for friends or family.

Drinking coffee at night

Shops and cafes in Malacca are closed very early and there is not many choices if you want to stay up late. However, you can still find a few bars in Jonker Walk that open until mid-night. You will feel so relaxed when drinking a cup of coffee or cocktail and immersing yourself in the quiet and ancient space of the city at night.

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