Rock Climbing in Bukit Keteri

Rock Climbing in Bukit Keteri
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Bukit Keteri, a well-known karst limestone formation, is located in the state of Perlis within the northern region of Peninsular Malaysia.


The spectacular limestone towers surrounded by endless fields of green paddy is a sight to behold. A short 20-minute trek through the paddy fields to get to the foot of the hill is enough to give you a sense of zen-like elation.

Rock Climbing in Bukit Keteri

Bukit Keteri Bukit Keteri

The climb begins from inside a cave where the arched opening looks out over the surrounding countryside and the local mosque. From here, it’s a straightforward climb up the limestone face of the hill. Climbers would take just a few hours to reach “Belly Button Window” which offers a scenic view of Bukit Keteri and its surroundings.

At the peak, climbers will be well-rewarded with panoramic views of the surrounding flat lands. For an even spectacular experience, it’s best to attempt the climb in the afternoon and stay on to witness the beautiful sunset over the land below.

Rock Climbing in Bukit Keteri Rock Climbing in Bukit Keteri

The climbing routes at Bukit Keteri were discovered by the Mammut Expedition to Malaysia in 2007. The cave formations of Bukit Keteri are actually one gigantic cave inside the dome of rock where the largest “room” inside the cavernous system can accommodate a jumbo jet.

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