Greatest experiences you must try in the beautiful Tioman Island

Greatest experiences you must try in the beautiful Tioman Island
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Tioman has long been known as the largest volcanic island and one of the most beautiful islands in the world with white sand beaches and the primeval forest covered by warm blue sea. Traveling to Tioman Island, tourists will have chance to try a lot of exciting experiences.

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Tioman Island has many beautiful beaches, where visitors can freely swim in the clear blue waters. The most famous site must be mentioned is the small village of Juara, which owns very stunning beaches. If you arrive here, do not forget to spend an afternoon exploring sea turtles at the Juara Turtle Project.

Visitors will also go to golden sand beach on the northwest coast of the island – Salang or take a walk at night in Nipay Bay where features the wonderful coastline with seaweed glowing in the water at night.

Beautiful beach on the Tioman Island (via Audley Travel)


On this island, there is almost no main road but trails connecting the villages. These trails are the ideal place to explore the wild life. Be careful of the snakes hanging from trees, iguana on the river or even the monkeys that can appear suddenly from somewhere. A trip to the Asah Waterfall or a trip from Tekek to Juara will definitely satisfy who love to explore.

If you want to be more adventurous, let’s take your backpack and conquer the extinct volcano Gunung Kajang. The way leading to the mountain’s top will bring you a lot interesting but equally dangerous experiences.


Diving (via Coral Dive Store)

On the Tioman Island, there are many good diving sites, especially in the northern part of Air Batang. If you want to try diving, the most beautiful and popular site is Pulau Tuai, also known as Coral Island. Travelers can easily rent diving equipment or those who don’t know diving can take a 4-day course at the diving centers on the island; however; the cost of these courses is not cheap at all.


Malaysia is well-known for its rich food and drink with the combination between Indian, Chinese, Indonesian and other regions cuisine. There are many places for you to enjoy delicious dishes on the Tioman Island of which BBQ fish, shrimp and squid at Air Batang Restaurant often is the first choice of many people. Another address for you is Santai Bistro Restaurant which specializes in serving spicy shrimp, Thai Tom Yum and vegetable salad.

Dining on the restaurant (via shetravelsaround - blogger)

Other tips


If you are backpacker and want to save money, you can stay in the ABC area with simple huts or Mokhtar area where offers small wooden house, just steps to go the beach.

There are also many cheap rooms in Juara, most of them are very close to white sand beach. The best places to stay we suggest for you are Rainbow Chalets and Coconut Grove. For more luxurious, you can choose to stay in Tunamaya Resort near Genting or Resort Swiss Cottage located between Genting and Salang.

Wooden houses on the beach (via Lonely Planet)

Time to visit

The best time to visit Tioman Island is in March to October with the average temperature at that time is about 30 degrees. During the rainy season, form mid-November to mid-February, tourist centers and boat services will not operate. You should not visit the island on holiday of Singapore or Malaysia people because it is very crowded and you will have to wait for a long time to take a boat to the island.

If you are planning to visit Malaysia on a budget, you should not miss the island where you can have incredible experiences like in you are in heaven on the earth. Tioman Island has long been become a world class resort but it still retains its pristine beauty. This paradise islands will surely be an unforgettable experience of the travelers.

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